Investors in Pupils

What is ‘Investors In Pupils’?
Investors in Pupils is a quality award
We have achieved ‘Investors In Pupils’.
We would like to share our ideas with you.


A Dictionary definition:
If you invest money, time or energy in something you try to make it a success.

Investors in Pupils requires pupils to set themselves individual targets and agree class targets, to improve the understanding of their own role in the learning process to enable them to achieve their full potential.

These class and individual targets, set by the pupils, relate to:

  • Learning
  • Behaviour
  • Attendance
  • Classroom management

Induction (an introduction to the school and then to each new class)
The class mission statement is on each classroom door and the class induction booklet is available for you to read on request.

All supporting adults are involved in the process. These include teachers, office staff, parents and carers, lunchtime staff, school support staff, governors and cleaners.

Investors In Pupils helps pupils find out why they go to school, about the jobs of everyone in the school and how each person is involved in their education.

It supports them in making rules for the class, in setting targets for the class and for themselves whilst recognising the importance of Relationships, Teamwork and the Roles and Responsibilities of everyone involved in their education.

We believe that Kingsway School in achieving ‘Investors In Pupils’:

  • Is committed to the development of everyone who is a member of our school.
  • Work together to meet the needs of all of our members.
  • Enables the children to understand the difference they make individually,  to their class and to the whole school performance.  Teamwork